Testimonials for In Line Chiropractic

“I love Dr. Shanna Bissonette’s approach to chiropractic care. She uses her excellent listening skills to ensure that our needs have been heard and then spends a significant amount of time addressing those immediate needs. She also ensures that our long-term care is addressed in each visit. She is great with the kids too. They are comfortable with her and have greatly benefited from regular chiropractic visits. I highly recommend In Line Chiropractic.”   –Camille Miller

I first saw Dr. Shanna Bissonette when I had a office job and experienced neck pain. Not only did she help with the pain by massaging and then adjusting my neck, but she took the time in our initial consultation to address the issues causing the pain and work with me to reduce the stress by changing the set-up of my desk, computer and keyboard. Years later, when I owned a market, I found I would have neck and shoulder pain after lifting cases of supplies for hours on end, unloading pallets to stock my store. I would get to the point that the pain was so severe I would lose sight in my right eye.  Dr. Shanna  would massage my neck and shoulders, adjust me and I would find instant relief. 
One particular instance sticks out in my mind in the years that I have seen Dr. Shanna. I crashed on my mountain bike off of a jump and landed on my shoulder. When I got up I found intense pain when I tried to lift my arm and saw a protrusion close to my sternum of a little over 1 inch. I went to the hospital and was told I had a sternoclavicular joint separation. My collar bone was protruding but since it did not break the skin, and was not going inward where there would be a possibility of a puncture to my heart or lungs, there was no treatment of it besides immobility and ice. However, I was informed that I would have a permanent bump where the bone was dislocated, the swelling would go down but the bump would never quite go away. I went to Dr. Shanna  for a second opinion. She told me that yes, my joint was dislocated but she could put it back in place if I would like, though it would hurt. She did just that and I am happy to say I have no protruding lump on my chest and have absolutely recovered 100% from that injury.
Over the years, I find I rarely need adjustments, but when I do, I always get instant relief and wish only I had made an appointment at the first sign of discomfort instead of waiting in pain. I would highly recommend Dr. Shanna Bissonette, D.C.   She is an incredible chiropractor who addresses the individual situation and circumstance of a patient instead of a “one size fits all” treatment. We are incredibly fortunate to have access to her high quality level of care.
Lara Evans Walker
Mammoth Lakes, CA


“I have both neck and lower back injuries from prior work situations. My current employment requires a fair amount of heavy lifting and body contortion, so I feel it is important to try and prevent these injuries from becoming worse over time.  I feel the time Dr. Bissonette has spent with me has helped prevent the need for more invasive testing or surgical procedures so far.   I also appreciate that Dr. Bissonette has been very flexible in her scheduling, allowing me to arrange visits as needed.  Another item I appreciate is her ability and willingness to work with my insurance company for my appointment coverage.  I would highly recommend her services to anyone seeking help from either acute or chronic problems.”  –Paul Richmond


 I am an active, athletic woman who has always sought alternative health care to take care of myself, including chiropractic.  Over the years it has been extremely helpful to address muscular imbalances, spasms, and joint aches and pain.  I’ve had many different chiropractors, and Shanna Bissonette is one of the very few who combines traditional and alternative methods.  I went to her the first time because my chiropractor was out-of-town.  I was immediately impressed by her relaxed, unhurried manner. I have been a loyal patient since! Shanna spends whatever time it takes to address my issues, whether it is talking about the problem or the actual physical work.  Shanna also pays a great deal of attention to trigger and acupressure points as she works, and that has made all the difference.  Some practitioners would just make the adjustments and leave it at that, but Shanna has always responded to my interest in self-care; suggesting exercises, and ordering equipment for me to use during my stretching routines at home.  I consider Shanna to be one of my primary health care practitioners because of her holistic approach to patients.

Thanks Shanna!
Cheryl Petersen


“Over the years I have received excellent and multi-diciplinary care from Shanna. She has treated several different conditions and with regular visits can keep my body in a very healthy state.  She has a tremendous amount of chiropractic knowledge and she is very skilled at applying myofascial release, a form of soft tissue therapy.   Soft tissue can become restricted due to psychogenic disease, overuse, trauma, infectious agents, or inactivity, and in my case, results in pain, muscle tension and diminished blood flow. I mention this as I have complex migraines and trigeminal neuralgia therefore blood flow to the head is extremely important. Shanna moves slowly through the layers of the fascia until the deep tissues are reached aiming to break this cycle. This work is invaluable to me and has improved my body posture and structure and helped bring my myofascial system back towards its normal pattern.  The environment of Shanna’s office is calming, and she is a very nice person. I would highly recommend Dr. Shanna Bissonette because she is good.”   –N.J.


“Dr. Bissonette has helped me achieve results from relief of pain and eventual correction of any sought problem. Throughout my care, Dr. Bissonette has always been supportive throughout treatment. She also has used the most up-to-date methods to relieve the problem. Dr. Bissonette also has suggested several exercise and stretches that have helped my condition. She has always been very supportive of exercise. Without question, I would recommend her for her ability and knowledge in her profession.”  –P.F.


I was referred to Shanna Bissonette through mutual friends who have benefitted from her friendship and her chiropractic skills.  What caught my attention primarily was their mentioning that she does some “deep muscle” work on areas of the body that seem all knotted up, which I have learned ease and enable adjustments to be more successful.  She is timely and prompt, patient and forgiving when I am not.  She is generous with her time when she has it available.  The office is soothing, comfortable, warm and private.  Shanna has  provided me with services that help correct discomfort I may be experiencing as well as maintaining my good health as I continue to work in a business that requires picking up and transporting wiggly bodies that weigh up to 35 pounds.  

I would and have recommended Shanna as a chiropractor.  She is also a good friend, able to listen when needed and to share her thoughts.

Sincerely Patty Stump

SDC Teacher retired

Early Intervention Specialist

California Early Start


Dr. Shanna Bissonette has been my chiropractor for 15 years. She makes the time to help me when I am injured often times on weekends or at a moment’s notice. Her chiropractic care has changed my life. I used to spend a lot of down time suffering severe lower back spasms.

She has taught me how to stretch and strengthen my muscles so I can limit my injuries. Her advice and support mean a lot to me.

I recommend Dr. Shanna Bissonette all the time to my friends and I am positive she can help you too.

Tim Bue

Mono City, Ca.


Dr. Shanna Bissonette, DC, is a chiropractor in Mammoth Lakes and has a satellite office in Bishop. She treats patients with acute and chronic pain presentations, headaches, neck and lower back pain regularly.  Her healthcare approach is to focus on the musculoskeletal and nervous system and the effects of these disorders on general health.